Most Common Workplace Injuries

If you are injured on the job, there’s a good chance it will be caused by one of the most common culprits listed below. These incidents cause more injuries on the workplace than any other and that means there is a greater risk for you. Of course it is nice to know that Iowa Workman’s Compensation is there to help you recover financially, but it’s even better to avoid getting injured whatsoever!

Slips & Falls

Slip and fall accidents are very common, especially in industrial settings. It the responsibility of every employee to keep spills and other messed out of the floor to avoid slip and fall accidents. Although not every accident is preventable, many are when the proper precautions are taken.

Muscle Strain

Repetitive lifting is something that can wear the muscles down over time. But, when you’re not lifting properly, there is an increased risk of muscle strain which can lead to a variety of additional complications and problems. Proper Lifting techniques improve the quality of the workplace and avoidance of muscle injury.

Falling Objects

The risk of being hit by a falling object is greater than many people realize. It is important that the proper equipment is used to stack boxes, bins and other items overhead to avoid such accidents. Falling objects can cause serious injury to anyone who is hit.

Cuts & Lacerations

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The risk of being cut or enduring a laceration is present in almost all industries. Some are at a greater risk than others, of course, but any industry that works with knives or other sharp objects must take extra precaution to keep their workers safe against these types of accidents.

There are many types of injuries an employee can experience while on the job. The above are among the most common. Stay safe when you are at work!